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Expertise/Project Responsibilities.

campbellDr. Todd Campbell, PI, Associate Professor of Science Education formerly at USU, now at the University of Connecticut, oversees development of all facets of the project including curriculum development, professional development, and research.  His research focuses on factors influencing current reform in science education. This is supported by investigating science teacher professional development, scientific inquiry/modeling instructional practices and science/technology integration. He has published in numerous journals including the International Journal of Science Education, Research in Science EducationJournal of Science Teacher Education, and Journal of Science Education and Technology (email:  todd.campbell@umassd.edu). Homepage
PaulWolfMar10PortraitDr. Paul Wolf, Co-PI, Prof. of Biology at USU, brings expertise researching comparative genomics and teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in genetics and genomics.  Dr. Wolf has developed inquiry-based genetics lab exercises that exploit web-based tools for students to address questions in genetics and genomics. Homepage
Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 10.39.33 PMDr. Daniel Coster, Co-PI, Professor in Mathematics and Statistics at USU has research expertise in 1) study design and data analysis and the application of statistical methodology in a variety of disciplines, 2) survey instrument design and evaluation, and 3) analysis of data from both quantitative and qualitative surveys. Dr. Coster has participated as Co-PI or statistical consultant on multiple funded grants and publications from these research activities.  Dr. Coster will oversee the research design and all quantitative analyses for the project, specifically analyses appropriate for each research hypothesis, and the generation of numerical, tabular, and graphical results and their interpretation in terms of research goals.
Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 10.37.46 PMDr. Brett E. Shelton, Co-PI, Associate Professor and Chair of Department of Educational Technology, formerly at USU, now at Boise State University.  He brings expertise in educational technology development, technology adoption, and qualitative research to the project. He will conduct and oversee all qualitative research components of the project and coordinate the selection and dissemination, and accessibility of all cyber-enabled resources.
Max Longhurst_3784Mr. Max Longhurst is the USU School of Teacher Education and Leadership Outreach Director and Education Specialist. Currently instructs Science methods courses for the School of TEAL and conducts research on professional learning for educators. Over the past 10 years he has been a key provider of professional learning across Utah.  He will serve as the PD director and coordinator for the Utah site.
Teacher Leaders, responsible for collaborating to identify existing cyber-enabled learning resources and supporting ICTs to be tested and coordinated for delivery.
Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 10.16.57 PMJana Barrow is a Teacher Leader from Davis School District.  She teaches biology, chemistry, and physics at Woods Cross High School in Woods Cross, UT.
Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 10.23.46 PMHarrison Beckett has been working for the Jordan School District for 7 years.  For 3 years he worked on trouble shooting technology and implementing technology while teaching 8th grade Integrated Science classes.  Then Harrison transitioned into a Teacher Specialist position with Jordan School District working in technology implementation on a district level.  He continues in that position assisting teachers in their quest to use technology daily in the classroom and helping schools to acquire and distribute the very best educational technology available.
Angela Steward
Gayle Dowdle
Graduate Students assist in all stages of the project (Phase I, II, & III).  The graduate students will serve as the assistant project coordinators under the direct supervision of the PD directors/coordinators.
Aaron DuffyAaron Duffy, Ph.D. student in Biology at USU is responsible for developing the Virtual Plant Community Simulator (VPCsim) and other technology tools for the project, in addition to assisting in coordinating curriculum and co-facilitating workshops. Homepage
Jeff Olson, Ph.D. student in Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences will assist with the coordination and dissemination of educational technologies to workshop participants, monitor and collect qualitative data, provide assistance with the digital library integration of all resources, and with web page design and maintenance, providing technical support for cyber-enabled resources and online tools, and automation of assessments.
One graduate student in mathematics with a psychometric emphasis will assist in the quantitative data analysis for Phases II & III of the project.
Undergraduate Students, (one at each site) will provide administrative support and assist in coordination of monthly follow-up meetings.
Dr. Joan D. Pasley, Senior Research Associate, Horizon Research Inc. She has experience with a number of research and evaluation projects, including the evaluation of the Ohio, South Carolina, and New Jersey Statewide Systemic Initiatives, and the standardized evaluation system for NSF’s Local Systemic Change through Teacher Enhancement project.  She will serve as the external evaluator for the project.