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Learning Modules

Four (7-9 instructional day) learning modules have been developed for this project.  A short video introducing each is located at the bottom of the home page to offer an idea of the focus of the module as well as the technologies that were leveraged.  The module or instructional unit is shared here before references are provided for articles that describe the implementation of each.  Central to all of these modules and supportive of engaging students in the practices of science is the common backward-faded scaffolding inquiry design principle of each module described below.


Revised Three Iteration Backward-Faded Scaffolding Inquiry Model

Research Question Source Research procedure Data and evidence source Conclusion source
Experiment 1 Teacher identified & shared with students Teacher defined student implemented Students follow teacher’s collection process Teacher / Students discussion
Experiment 2 Teacher developed with student input Teacher/Students define Students develop with teacher input Students develop with teacher input
Experiment 3 Students develop Students define Students determine process Student generated

*revised from Slater, Slater, & Shaner (2008)

Module 1

Generalizing the Dependent Relationships Between Organisms     Module/Unit   Practitioner Article for more Information Campbell, T., Longhurst, M., Duffy, A. M., Wolf, P. G., & Nagy, R. (2012, November). Investigating human impact in the environment with faded scaffolded inquiry supported by technologies. Science Activities: Classroom Projects and Curriculum Ideas, 49:4, 99-107.  

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Module 2

Investigating the Application of Forces that Act on Objects, and the Resulting Motion   Module/Unit 2   Practitioner Article for more Information (In Progress)

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Module 3

Abiotic and Biotic Interactions   VPCsim     Module/Unit 3   Practitioner Article for more Information Duffy, A. M., Wolf, P. G., Barrow, J., Longhurst, M., & Campbell, T. (in press). Ecological investigations within an interactive plant community simulation. Science Scope.

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Module 4

The Nature of Changes in Matter  http://idias.usu.edu/WebPlayer/WebPlayer.html Module/Unit 4   Practitioner Article as Additional Resource Campbell, T., Dowdle, G., Olsen, J., & Longhurst, M. (under review). Gaming as a platform for developing science practices.  

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